Saturday, 23 November 2013

Too Many Idiots

Each week in Private Eye the genius Craig Brown writes a diary in the voice of someone else. This week he is Tony Benn. I particularly liked this bit of it, although I wish the Elders didn't sound quite so possible:


On breakfast television again, to state my deeply-felt objections to the way politics is being increasingly overshadowed by the pernicious world of celebrity. Peter Andre joins in the discussion and agrees with me. He's quite clearly a highly intelligent man. We then all join in a more general conversation with some useful contributions from the semi finalists from last year's X-Factor, who are fascinated by what I have to say about the West Midlands co-operative moement in the late 1920s.

In the afternoon, Richard Branson phones to say that Peter Gabriel is organising a meeting of the Elders, which he'd like me to attend. "Mandela's going, Carter's going, Oprah Winfrey's going and so's Annie Lennox," he tells me, "and we're hoping King Hussein of Jordan will come with the Duchess of York and Russell Brand."

So all told, it's a pretty serious line-up, and not just one of these awful new celebrity affairs. I met the Duchess of York last February at a discussion group hosted by Eddie Izzard, and she struck me as a very serious young woman, bright as a button.'

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