Thursday, 5 November 2009

Things I'll Miss about London No.1

In thinking about what things I'll miss about London, I've realised most of them have already gone. The most obvious one just now is seeing Guy Fawkes made out of rubbish and old clothes being wheeled around the streets. Even as I write, I wonder if such a thing ever existed or whether it is just the product of my own nostalgic vision.
Anyway, Halloween is the thing now. My local supermarket has shoved its herb section into storage in order to tempt us with loads of pumpkin related tat instead. I suppose Halloween is something world wide, so if all the tawdry witches' hats and trick-or-treat equipment doesn't sell here it can be shipped elsewhere and flogged to some other less discriminating nation. Hard to do that with Guy Fawkes ephemera.

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