Friday, 12 November 2010


Mimosa is a poncey florist's sort of name for wattle, which grows in abundance on the mountain where I walk most days. Lately, I have been looking closely at the wattle and thinking about Philip Larkin. Specifically, I've been thinking about these lines from his poem "The Trees":

"The trees are coming into leaf
like something almost being said."

It strikes me that, if Larkin had been Australian, he might have written this instead:

"The wattle's coming into flower
like something almost being said."

Mind you, wattle is more a shrub than a tree, but he could have called the thing "Mimosa",  (and, yes, since you ask, I do, for the first time ever, have a camera of my own.)


  1. Goodness me, that's enough pictures of mimosa to last me a while.

  2. Yeah, Brit, but who doesn't love their new toys?

  3. Hello Sophie, fancy seeing you here. We've missed your comments at The Dabbler, you know.

  4. Well, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of blogs are a bit like crack cocaine and I've been trying to go cold turkey. I was doing really well until Z got the mimosas out. Now look at me.

  5. Brit - there is no such thing as enough wattle (I love the flaming wattle/It's the emblem of our land/You can stick it in a bottle/ Or hold it in your hand)
    Sophie - blogging is as addictive as reading blogs and, consequently, I am planning to post a bit less frequently. But there may be more wattle before I'm completely better.

  6. "This is the wattle,
    The emblem of our land;
    You can stick it in a bottle
    Or hold it on your hand."

    Monty Python

    oh you've just said that :-(