Thursday, 25 August 2011

Filial Respect

My daughters are such kind creatures. They know I miss them when they're away and so, when they are at home, they go to lots of trouble to hide little reminders - souvenirs or keepsakes, I suppose you could call them - of their existence, apple-based talismans dotted about under sofas and beds and on sidetables, just to keep me cheerful until they come home:


  1. Turning rubbish into art, re-evaluating bad experience as good experience, base-metal into gold..... I'm increasingly convinced that that is what this life on earth is all about.

  2. wow - they really nibble on that core don't they?

  3. I am packing up my apple cores and shipping them over, for your delectation, Gadjo - I think you will be able to fashion their base-metal into a Turner Prize.
    Okay, Nurse, I admit it, when I talk about having daughters, I'm really referring to my pet mice.