Monday, 7 November 2011

Another Dimension

Yesterday afternoon, in the shop downstairs, a customer was yattering away on her telephone. The woman behind the counter glared at the customer and said, 'I don't like people talking on the telephone in here. This is a shop.'

There was no further discussion. The customer went out and finished her conversation on the pavement and then she came back in and bought what she wanted. Meanwhile, I thought I must have slipped through into an alternative reality.


  1. Chastising people who use mobile phones does seem potentially a bit bad for business. But I think - indeed, hope - that gruffness at the expense of profit margin will make a comeback. I've got nothing against mobile phones; but I've generally found shop assistants who pursue you 'helpfully' to be more annoying than those who just sit morosely behing the cash till.

  2. Totally agree on all counts, Gadjo - and, to really enjoy Hungary, you have to be fond of quite a lot of day-to-day morosity.
    I admire the way you persevere with your fitness campaign, Barbara, in the face of your religion's restrictive advice on clothing.
    I am trying to guess exactly who that might be, Smiler.

  3. As I read Smiler's comment, I was reminded of a "head-up" story. When I played baseball as a boy, I remember watching as a scorchingly hard-hit ball flew toward the outfield on a line. The coach yelled "Head-up, Brian" to the boy in center field. The boy looked up. The ball hit him in the breast bone and he collapsed like a bunch of broccoli. If there was ever a case against that phrase . . . (Brian survived.)