Saturday, 28 July 2012

London II

All right, so London's feeling pretty spiffy today, after its night of nights. And, sure, it is full of diversity and hospital beds and people with drums and tellies - but in which city in the world can you get onto a tram and have a man and his falcon (or possibly his hawk - there is some debate in our household about that at the moment) as your fellow passengers? Eh? Eh?

Not London, that's for sure - they don't even have trams. Plus, even if they did and you managed to get on one, someone officious would come along pretty soon to tell you that falcons aren't allowed on trams - or, indeed, any public transport - because of Health and Safety, innit.

In Budapest on the other hand (that's the hand not carrying the falcon, [or hawk, whatever]), we have true diversity:


  1. Try Indian trains, Third Class. Noah would feel very much at home.

  2. I think I recognise that bloke - the ticket inspectors caught him on a Kolozsvar tram and wanted to charge his hawk full fair on account of his not being in juvanile plumage any more. Very strict they are these days.

    My memory of Indian trams is that there is no room to swing a hawk, not even on the roof.