Thursday, 23 August 2012

We Just Enjoy Life

I saw this beautiful little film last night and was
filled with admiration for the two young men it features. It also moved me to tears:

I know it's some kind of new approach to psychological preparation to pump up the 'going for gold' thing but I hope that, whatever these two win or don't win at the Olympics, they come away feeling they played right up to their best limits and the best team won. In any case, they have all my respect - and, for what it's worth, I'll be watching and cheering them on.


  1. Stayed dry - but it was touch and go for a while Z. Multiple Myeloma in '08 and, just the other day, Muir-Torre Syndrome. Just now I look like I've been in a Glasgow pub-brawl, and I was 'the other guy'. But kids like that...well, from 'not much interest' I have moved to 'where can I get a ticket?'

    1. I'd just been admiring Brit's summation of life within the care of the NHS - 'Once you enter the ‘care’ of the NHS, you leave dignity, status, individuality at the door. Your time is not important, your work or family responsibilities are irrelevant – all must be at the convenience of the system. You are continually made aware that there are greater priorities to be dealt with before anyone can get to you. You are a statistic, a problem, a thing to be processed. What you are most certainly not is a valued customer. Well it is free I suppose, you tell yourself as you wait hour after hour in another tired brown room full of miserable inmates' - and then I read your comment. I hope you don't have to suffer too many hours in 'tired brown' rooms. Re the film - apart from liking those two boys, it seems to me that the game itself looks like an exciting one and, unlike many of the sports at the paralympics, it isn't a case of watching some kind of lower level quite-good-considering-they're-not-able-bodied tournament