Monday, 10 December 2012

Words and Phrases, a Continuing Series

I'm not sure the thing I'm objecting to today is actually a phrase so much as a franchise. It's certainly not a
whole phrase; it needs bits added to it. Perhaps it's what my cousin's husband calls 'a tagline'.

Anyway, never mind what it is conceptually. What it is actually is this: 'before you die' - as in Ten Things to See Before You Die, One Hundred Films to See Before You Die, Ten Places to Visit Before You Die, One Hundred Books to Read Before You Die et cetera et cetera, and on and on and on.

I dislike the phrase - or part phrase - because it's become so ubiquitous. But I also dislike it because it lacks logic. I mean who is going to see any films or visit any places after they die?

Mind you, if there is a heaven, I do hope it has books.

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