Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Message In a Bottle

When I go for a walk, I often listen to MP3s, and lately I've been enjoying some of the ones in the Cultural Exchange series from BBC Radio 4, (despite its rather horrible description of itself as being devoted to the choices of "75 leading minds").

Today I listened to the theatre director Michael Grandage talk about a poem he loves by WS Graham. The poem he chose was this one, and in the programme both Grandage and WS Graham can be heard reading it out.

While explaining his choice during the episode, Grandage quoted this statement from Graham:

"Communication is what our lives are about. We must try. To be better or not doesn't matter. Measurement is out of our reach. One only tries to send a note, however inadequate, from one aloneness to another."

When I heard that, I wondered if perhaps, had he lived now, Graham would have been a blogger. Communication - the sending "of a note, however inadequate, from one aloneness to another" - is at the heart of this odd new activity, surely.

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