Friday, 2 January 2015

Moaning All

What better way to start the year than with a few moans.

Firstly, why do shopping lists always vanish by the time you reach the shop? Or is it just me?

Secondly, who started this thing of doing dribble scribbles with sauces on plates in restaurants (and what's going on with plate shapes - what was wrong with round, why do we have to have square and oval and everything in between?)?

Thirdly, once started, why did so many other restauranteurs decide that dribble scribbles were a good idea?

And finally, why, when every other area of computering is advancing in leaps and bounds, is the bit called printers stuck firmly in the extremely annoying time warp where everything is still complicated and frustrating and in need of a nursemaid, if you don't want to find a ream of paper squodged up in an unappealing, half-chewed mangle in the horrible machine's vile maw?

It's 2015 and I want answers.


  1. I can tolerate the dribbles, but the ubiquity of pine nuts used to make me seethe with anger. Luckily, they seem to have moved on to pomegranate seeds, which I rather like.

    1. I wonder if my printer will behave better if I give it pomegranate seeds (not that I've been feeding it pine nuts up until now - they do have a place in pesto and are nicer when toasted, she said, standing up rather pointlessly for the tiniest of the nuts)