Sunday, 9 August 2015

An Eighth Week of Wonders

This week I wondered how this could possibly happen - the blind-eye-turning, the appalling depravity practised against a small child, the lack of compassion and understanding shown towards the shattered remains of a human being that resulted:

On a more cheerful note, I wondered if many people were aware of the tweeter who calls himself Mick Twister (@twitmericks). He (or she?) comes up with limericks in response to current events.

I came across the account when I read this limerick, which was composed after the problems at the Channel Tunnel entrance at Calais hit the news:

"Calais is starting to crack,
With folks fleeing ruin and wrack.
You'd think, once they're over
With one look at Dover,
They'd turn and all try to get back"

He churns them out at quite a rate and generally they are clever and funny.

And for a wonder, this is not bad

Meanwhile, I'm going to make a virtue of having no lift by learning how to do this when I come down the stairs.

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