Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Lessons We Learned from the Thai Cave Rescue

Like many others, I imagine, I became drawn into the story of the young boys who got stuck in caves in Thailand recently. Like many others, I was very glad when they emerged safely.

Shortly after the rescue ended so successfully, I began to notice articles appearing, suggesting that we could all learn lessons from the event, with its happy ending.

So far, these are the things that I have read should be the main ones:

1. We should accept open borders because there was a stateless boy among the children in the cave and he spoke lots of languages and could interpret between the rescuers and the other boys and was generally very clever, and therefore migrants are all clever and really useful members of society (this argument lacks compassion, I think, as it implies we ought not to help people if they are a bit thick)

2. We should acknowledge that western civilisation rules, because it was expert white divers who saved the day.

3. We should all agree that women should get back in the kitchen and accept that males are superior because the rescue was carried out entirely by men.

4. We should embrace the globalisation of everything because the rescue involved international cooperation

What a lot of hobbyhorsing. There is only one lesson to be learnt from the Thai cave saga, I think. It is a very simple one - do not go in caves.

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