Thursday, 2 August 2018

Speaking of Markets

Following on from yesterday, (or was it the day before yesterday?), and the delicatessen in our local market and his wife's potato prints, I have just remembered this piece from that hugely clever writer AA Gill on markets:

"My weakness, my pleasure, is markets. Whenever they say, what would you like to see? The museum, the opera house, the red light district, the bridge over the river? I always say the market. I want to see where the women buy their vegetables. I want to see the fish, the butchers, the quarter of cobblers and tailors. You can’t fake a market. You can’t make it what it’s not. It is as true a reflection of the people it serves as anything; what they have, don’t have, what they make and import, and what their pretensions and weaknesses are."

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