Thursday, 18 June 2020

If I Ruled the World - Edict No. 1

Edict No. 1: if I ruled the world I would ban all plural shortened words ending -ies.

Examples: veggies
If you are baffled by this measure, go walkies with some Aussies, bung on your cossies and go for a swim, then buy some choccies and eat them while avoiding mozzies, saving some pozzies for anyone who might want to join you to share some bevvies, and don't forget your onesies for after your dip.

Poppies are fine, of course, because  they aren't a shortening, ditto Geordies.


  1. A quibble: some of the words you list are not shortened but lengthened. Most such diminutives have an arch sound in American speech, though panties and onesies are by now the standard terms.

    1. I can't bring myself to write the hateful p-word again, the one I dislike most of all, but I would argue it is a shortening of underpants, while pants means trousers and is therefore separate. I don't have a clear idea of what a onesie is or where the word derives from. Trust all well with you & in your neighbourhood.

    2. All is well here, except that apparently I don't know that apart from children's "onesies" there are adult "onesies". Wikipedia of course knows all about it: and

      All is well here, if not particularly exciting thanks; I trust that all is well there.

    3. All is very well here, partly because I love things being not particularly exciting. I'm still unenlightened about onesies, but I think that is partly because I want to be.