Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gruesome Headline

I just noticed the ABC news headline at the moment: "Baby born on board chopper". Being born on a baby chopper would be even more dangerous but even on a board chopper seems irresponsible to me. Maybe people should get a licence before they have a baby. They should certainly watch this ad from the Gruen Transfer challenge series before they make up their minds. "I really hope they're ready for me" seems pretty apt in the circumstances.


  1. As long as they tidy up after themselves, they can have a baby anywhere. I hope they put away all other sharp objects.

  2. How was Slovenia, Madame? It is such a lovely country. Oddly enough, given your blog name, Llubljana is knowns as Blue Banana in our household, due to one of the children getting it wrong many years ago.