Sunday, 26 September 2010

Worrying Signs I

Rummaging about in a kitchen drawer the other day I came across some objects I hadn't seen for ages - they are corks with wooden Hungarian men in traditional costume stuck to the top. They are supposed to be used to seal up half-finished wine bottles, for drinking another day. I can't remember when we last had a need for them. I'd forgotten they even existed, to be truthful. It's a long time since a bottle of wine that was opened in our house didn't get polished off that same day - that same hour, in fact.

It could be a good sign of course. It might mean that our wine consumption has gone down, not up. Maybe once upon a time we drank one bottle and then started on a second - or even a third, which we didn't quite make it through. Yes, that's a possibility. Perhaps we're actually becoming more moderate in our old age (I can hear that hollow laughter, and, you know, saying, "If you believe that, you'll believe anything," could be considered rude.)


  1. Mine are similarly under-utilised.... and lurk in the backs of drawers, their sole function to remind me of my brief (but wonderful) visit to Budapest. Are you there now? Maybe you can collect some more.

  2. Thanks nurse - just pass me the bottle.
    Polly - We are here (ie Budapest). We have just arrived but are leaving again in a minute to go to see Lucy and then coming back again and then Anna's flying over to visit. When I get back there, I might bring my stoppers over to your house and they can have a party with the ones in your kitchen. What do you think?

  3. zmkc, you're in Budapest?? You must come over into no-man's-land and visit us in Cluj/Kolozsvár! Our neighbour has a brother in Hungary who makes the most incredibly good (for an amateur) red wine from his own grapes - maybe we can get you a barrel or two.

  4. Hello Gadjo, great to hear from you once again. We have just crossed over from Budapest to England, to see a daughter, and then we will be back in Budapest, but disappointingly for us not for long enough to get to you. When we have a proper several month stay, can we come to see you then (will there still be any barrels of wine left by do you think?)