Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mental Geography

Until yesterday evening, everything I knew about Egypt was contained in this clip:
Then I watched the 7.30 Report on ABC television and their reporter, Ben Knight, brought it all to life for me. I hope he gets an award for his reporting. I also hope that that nice chap we see him talk to - the one who calls himself part of 'the silent majority' - ends up okay. I fear the silent majority does not always prevail against the brutal few.


  1. Many years ago the Eyptian tourist board had an office in Picadilly. One morning I walked past on the way to work and was intrigued to see that they had put up a new poster which entreated, "Visit Egypt, Home of Monotheism". I've always wondered how many more visitors the country received as a result of this inspired piece of copy.

  2. Talking of misconceived tourism campaigns, we were very sad when we saw that the Nigerian Embassy (in Northumberland Avenue) had decided to replace their enticing posters featuring Lagos's finest flyovers.