Friday, 18 February 2011

Other Views

Unlike me, (as discussed yesterday), there are some people who are quite good with a camera. Here is one who has used the thing very entertainingly. Here is another who has used it slightly more questionably (although not uninterestingly.) This person demonstrates on her slightly misleadingly titled blog that she also has a knack with the things.


  1. I must confess that photography is not my favourite art-form, but I really liked the firt site you reference - seems like a fun way to use a camera.

  2. cool pics from anna - btw, what phone do you have zmkc? is it an iphone?

  3. Gadjo - I can't quite understand what I'm supposed to admire when I see photographs in a gallery (although I'm in awe of anyone who can hold the camera straight as well)
    Nurse - I wonder if the people looking in a mirror knew they were being photographed
    Worm - I actually have a camera now and a telephone which does nothing but be a telephone and is very little so I keep losing it. I did have some kind of Sony Ericksson, but I dropped it and it was too big anyway. I don't like iTunes and as a result have stayed away from all iThings.