Saturday, 2 July 2011

Almost Escher

When you find yourself in a train carriage which has this sign at one door:
and this sign at the other:
you are inclined to think that Hungary is a pretty good place. Not one, but two dining cars - that's generosity, surely. However, when you discover that there is in fact no dining car however far you walk down the train in either direction, your fondness for a nation can evaporate swiftly. You begin to feel like one of those characters on Escher's eternal stairway.


  1. Hungarian cuisine is generally worth walking the whole distance of train for - sorry you didn't find it!

  2. Hello, Gadjo. While I could argue with you about the quality of Hungarian cuisine, I have to say it was probably a good thing there was nothing available on the train: I was on my way to stay with Hungarians and, inevitably, ended up being fed more food than I usually need in a week.