Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Feast of Hateful Words and Phrases

I have been trying to 'think positive' lately, hence the lack of 'words-and-phrases-I-hate type posts. For those who want to be reminded of just how badly the English language is being treated in the meantime, this is a very good link.


  1. Holy smoke! As Hoges said in Crocodile Dundee, 'you just scared the s**t outa me' with that link.

    It really impacted me. (That's one of my pet hates - changing an already sad noun- 'impact' - into a dreadful verb, without even the feeble protection of a preposition.)

    The link reminded me all too much of the jargon laden memos we staff members (now 'human resources') used to get from senior bureaucrats in our university. But what chance do you have when the VC becomes the designated CEO?

    After that plethora of polysyllables in your link, I need a lie-down.

  2. Denis - the usage I hate most at the moment isn't actually a bureaucratic one; it's 'my bad'. Now I have to lie down too.