Sunday, 11 December 2011

Beautiful Sydney

My Australian family come from Victoria and therefore I was brought up to believe that Sydney was a place not to be admired. Since I've got to know Sydney for myself, I've been forced to recognise that this attitude  must in large part have been fuelled by jealousy.

There is so much to love about Sydney. To start with, there is its old domestic architecture:

(all these just within one block in Newtown).

Then there are the countless little reminders of forgotten histories, like this one commemorating a 'prince of charity organisers':

The harbour, of course, is magnificent and what better form of transport can there be than the ferries, named after the ships of the First Fleet (and, when those ran out, the wives of the governors of New South Wales)?

Perhaps my favourite is the Manly Ferry whose original slogan -  'Five miles from Sydney and 1,000 miles from care' - is a rare example of truth in advertising. Half an hour from the city you step off into another, calmer world::


  1. When will you be visiting Newtown again? we must meet up for coffee

  2. That would be really lovely, although I must warn you that I am a dreary Canberra type of person in sensible shoes, rather than a glamorous corset wearing type like you. I thought you were a Surry Hills inhabitant actually - we sometimes stay in the Adina in Crown Street and I scan the passers by for a woman in black lace, whalebone and red satin. Perhaps I've been looking in the wrong place.

  3. I don't think that was the English trying to deflate us; I think it was just Hague delighting in an absurd idea: Bob, are you becoming a tiny bit chippy in your old age (must be your wooden parts)? I'm assuming you mean geographic Victorians rather than time-travelling Victorians, by the way?