Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looking-Glass Love

I have never paid much attention to Abraham Lincoln, and so I hadn't really understood just how spookily accurate Bob Carr, Australia's latest Foreign Minister, was being when he said he was the reincarnation of the man. Only now, having stared at a series of photographs of Lincoln, which are part of the display at the Philadelphia Independence Visitor Centre, have I realised that, at least physically, the two men really are uncannily similar.

The resemblance might not be quite so uncanny, if either of them were remotely usual looking, but they are, in fact, very peculiar specimens. And what I can't help wondering, given Carr's professed extremely close affinity to Lincoln, is whether his admiration isn't really just a rather grand form of narcissism:


  1. Not till he does the beard and the hairstyle, and laser eye surgery to get rid of the specs.

    Oh hang on; I have Photoshop. Sorely tempted.

  2. I just need to squint slightly - the low tech version of Photoshop. Neither of them have ever carried the burden that Miss Brick, of Daily Mail fame, claims is her lot.