Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nostalgia Ain't What It Used to Be

As predicted yesterday, I eventually managed to persuade myself that I'd had a lovely time wading about in the rain. Which was why I ventured forth again this morning. No-one else was mad enough to be out, apart from some kangaroos, who had no choice in the matter:

It was worth it though for, at the top of the mountain, I was rewarded with what many people consider the best view of Canberra that anyone could ever ask for:


  1. I watched a documentary on kangaroos living in Canberra recently. I had no idea that people regularly found them in their back gardens.

  2. The kangaroos, meanwhile, are under the impression that they keep finding people in their backyards.

  3. Amusing best view of Canberra - a variant on the old line that the best view of Canberra is in a rear-vision mirror while heading to Sydney.

    1. And yet we keep coming back. But I think it's Ainslie, rather than the entire city, that we're reluctantly fond of.