Thursday, 17 January 2013

Closely Watched

I mentioned a while ago that you're never alone in Budapest. Wherever you go, there are unknown faces keeping an eye on you. In large parts of Sydney, there is nothing similar, but in the central business district you will find one or two kindly figures gazing down from above:

These last few have all been from the same building, the magnificent central post office, now alas little more than a facade, enclosing investment bankers plus fancypants sushi places and brand name jewellers et cetera. Many of the faces on its exterior are supposed to represent countries of the world or states of Australia. If you click on the pictures and look closely you can make out letters around the necks of many of them, which are abbreviations of whatever it is they are representing:

It would be stating the obvious to say, 'they don't make them like that any more', so I won't say it.

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