Monday, 29 April 2013

Freecycle - The Mad, The Useless and The Just Plain Terrifying

Category A, (the Mad), Exhibits a to c:

Offer - Leaves (presumably posted by A. Tree of Forrest [Canberra joke])
Offer - Stinging nettles
Offer - Chocolate cardigan
Offer - Hen with crowing problem (aka a rooster?)

Category B, (the Useless), Exhibits d to g:

Offer - Victa mower (not working)
Offer - Slow cooker (faulty)
Offer - Cracked fish tank
Offer - Fairy Wish Jar (presumably that's a jam jar to you or me)

Category C, (the Just Plain Terrifying), Exhibits h to i:

Wanted - a human skeleton
Offer - Boys' skins

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