Sunday, 28 April 2013

Is It That Time Already

Many years ago, I set out with my seven-year-old to Vienna's Natural History Museum. As a child, I'd been taken once a week by my school to the museum's counterpart in London.

Upon arrival, we were all given hardboard clipboards and paper and pencils and dispatched to draw whatever caught our eye. I spent many of those afternoons trying unsuccessfuly to make a likeness of the stuffed dodo or, even more frustrating, attempting to capture on paper the amazing display inside the hummingbird case.

I'd been defeated every single week, unable to produce anything remotely worth bringing home. All the same the one thing I'd discovered was how trying to draw something really makes you look at it - and I found that intense observation peculiarly enjoyable. I thought my daughter might too.

She did. What was more she didn't encounter any of my difficulties. She plonked herself down in front of a stuffed albatross and came up with something alarmingly good. I'd forgotten all about it until, going through the filing cabinet, I found the drawing she made that day, stuck between some plans from the 1930s, when our house was first built.

Apologies for the fold lines
I suppose it was probably inevitable that she'd end up pursuing a career as an illustrator but, as it's her birthday today, I thought she might like to be reminded of that long ago outing.

If anyone wishes to give her a present by buying a piece of her work, they can go to her Etsy shop, or contact her direct - or through her agent - to arrange a commission.

Happy birthday, Anna. Much love,

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