Sunday, 2 June 2013

Music Master

I'm a bit on the cloth-eared end of the spectrum, but there are many people who, unlike me, respond better to music than to words. For them, I imagine, a musical guru would be more suitable than Shakespeare. One such told his rather wonderful story during a segment of Cultural Exchanges, the terrific new feature included regularly on BBC Radio Four's Front Row:


  1. Thank you - that was one of the most moving things I've heard for a long time. As a person who responds better to music than words, this anecdote makes perfect sense.

    I shall ask my wife to have some Sibelius on standby, just in case.

    1. It's not bad is it? I highly recommend those podcasts, linked under the words 'Cultural Exchanges' in the post - someone in the BBC has managed to round out the choices of each individual with lots of interesting archive stuff.