Monday, 20 October 2014

So Much to Tell You

I went to London on the weekend and I went to Frieze Art Fair. I didn't stay their long. I'm not that interested in huge pink disposable nappies or tents that have been stretched out and nailed to the walls:

And, ye gods, that was by no means the worst of it.

Anyway, I scurried away to Frieze Masters, which meant a stroll through one of London's prettiest parks (but why do they ban bicycles?)

I've been putting the pictures I took of some of the lovely things I saw at Frieze Masters on instagram (zedmkc is my instagram name), but as time goes by I'll try to make some posts of them here too, because then you can really explore the pictures in a way you can't on instagram.

In the meantime, here is my photograph of one picture that I didn't really like but that reminded me of the absolutely wonderful story, Father's Last Escape, by Bruno Schultz, which you can hear read aloud here:

It is actually, I must admit quite an interesting painting in its own right, if you read the dealer's blurb about it:
But that's Frieze Masters for you - full of fascinating things you'll probably never see again.

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