Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meanwhile in the Nest

The boss of Twitter may be inarticulate, (see yesterday's post), but the members of Twitter are often witty and fun. Today, I was reminded of this when Timehop threw me back the Tweets from a game some Tweeters played a while back, (four years ago, as it happens).

The idea of the game was pretty simple: people were invited to contribute the names of cooking songs. Here are some of the suggestions that I found amusing, with attributions, where available:

"It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll", (contributed by the Northern Territory News, apparently);

Paul Young's "Every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you";

"Yabbie Road";

"The chops are burning", by Midnight Oil;

"Happiness is a warm bun", (my brother came up with that one);

"Still haven't found what I'm cooking for" (a Tweeter called @dkfcdotnet);

"Addicted to l'oeuf" (@kandidan);

"Please cheese me";

"We are the champignons" (@JonPowles);

"House of the rising bun";

"I'll never find another stew";

"Let it brie";

"The first time ever I saw your plaice", by Roberta Flack;

"Peas train", by Cat Stevens;

"You've got a friand", by James Taylor;

"Bette Davis eyes (#cannibalcookingsongs)";

"I left my heart in San Francisco (I never cared for offal)".

So many people tell me they don't like Twitter, that it is vicious and vile and a seething tank of hatred and horror, but I think these kinds of games, (which happen quite regularly - and always spontaneously), show that there is the odd pocket of sheer silliness in there too. And silliness, surely, is never a bad thing.

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