Saturday, 24 December 2016

Family and Friends

It is Christmas and family and friends are filling the house. Sitting at a screen and meandering into the ether is out of the question for a time.

But speaking of family, here is a picture I saw the other day in a Budapest junkshop:

The groom looks quite happy but no-one else does and the woman in front of him - possibly his mother? - seems to have got herself up for a major state funeral, while the couple at the far left appear to think they are facing a firing squad, rather than a camera.

If your family gets you down this Christmas - or if you are without family - a brief glance at this photograph may be a useful reminder that, actually, things could be considerably worse.

Similarly, if you find yourself feeling solitary and far from friends, you might want to peer at this group of chums.  There may be worse things than being alone - a lot of these people look merely boring but the man in the white suit and the man behind him look frankly mad, while the two in the boaters appear to be planning to pick someone's pocket, (the man in glasses next to one of them seems to be in the process of doing so to one of his neighbours):
To all those who visit this blog, regularly or rarely, I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a marvellous new year.


  1. In the 19th Century, male fashion made for inordinately small shoes; it took the mass conscription of WW I to make American men at least wear shoes that actually fit. The women had corsets to squeeze them, if no other source of discomfort. I have no difficulty imagining that the wedding party was uncomfortable.

    As for the second group, is that a microphone they are under? I can't make it out. A number at least appear to have been drinking. I have a hard time guessing what sort of group it might be, particularly given what appears to be a clerical collar on one of the saner-looking.

    Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2017!

    1. V interesting re the shoes but you can't deny the mother in law to be could have chosen a jollier bonnet. As to the second photograph, the Szeged Metallurgical Engineers' Sea Shanty Chorus? Happy Christmas and all good wishes for a New Year with a fascinating change of guard coming up in your town