Sunday, 18 December 2016

Modern Certainties I

Now that it is nearly Christmas, one certainty of modern life forces its way, temporarily, to the front of the crowd. Every time I open my email inbox, I am reminded of it. Clicking my way through the drifts of messages that have blizzarded in from all the businesses I have ever spent two bob with, my absolute faith in this nugget of truth is justified over and over again

This certainty, this "truth universally acknowledged", is a simple one: namely, any email headed "The perfect Christmas gift idea" will contain nothing of the sort.


  1. Cardinal Wuerl would be hurt by your assertion, I think. See One sees yard signs here and there for the program, in English and in Spanish.

    1. This message on his site:
      Would you consider coming to Mass this Christmas and every Sunday to experience God’s love in our church? There’s a place for you in the community -
      is rather beautiful.