Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Seen on a bulletin board in Goulburn last week:
Dexter bull for sale - great Easter gift.


  1. A gift of a bull at Easter-time seems pleasingly pagan. Would it be sacrificed for a feast to celebrate the Spring equinox, I wonder?

  2. I'd gladly buy a Dexter bull at Easter time - or indeed at any tme - if it was made of chocolate.

  3. My wife was amused by a Bristol Freecycle ad she found the other day - "Mop and bucket set (mop missing)."

    So that would be a bucket, then.

  4. Gaw: If we were in St Laszlo, invented Caribbean outpost of the Hungarian empire, where they have an annual festival to honour the Trabant, in which the citizens dance through the streets chanting 'Trabbie, trabbie, trabbie', I'm sure it would be part of the festivities (sorry, not really relevant but have just rediscovered the inventor of St Laszlo - Dork Zygotian - who now blogs as Dumneauzu, and as a consequence I remembered this mad flight of fancy, which is probably funnier in the reading than retelling.)
    Gadjo - I assume from your comment that you would eat anything if it was made of chocolate, even a replica of the Miskolc abattoir?
    Brit - Freecycle is wonderful thing.