Sunday, 11 April 2010

Outing to the Theatre

We went to see The Walworth Farce last night. It was not a very long play so when we got home we made some dinner and turned on the television and watched Midsomer Murders. Strangely enough, both dramas - The Walworth Farce and Midsomer Murders - dealt with the theme of children and overbearing parents and the impossible struggle to escape. One was more entertaining than the other though. And, while I know that entertainment should not be my only requirement, I do find it easier to take hard medicine in a palatable form. Just as oats are good for you, but taste better when mixed with raisins and dried mango to make muesli, so tragedy is easier to bear when a few laughs are thrown in. Unfortunately, in The Walworth Farce the laughs were - like the bits of dried mango in most muesli - rather few and far between.


  1. T saw that Walworth Farce thing (the very name communicates dread into the core of my being). She's remarkably tolerant of the theatre but regretted not leaving at half time. That's as bad as it gets for her.

  2. A farce with very few laughs in it does sound rather self-defeating, if not actually oxymoronic.

  3. Gaw - there was a brief respite just after half time. It was not totally bad either. It was kind of brilliant but dreadfully, dreadfully miserable. Am I talking rubbish? Yes, I think I am.
    Gadjo - maybe it was a post-modern 'farce'. I never really understand what post-modern means, but I get the impression if you attach it to other words you can make them mean anything.