Friday, 9 July 2010

Boomerang Kids

Apparently there is a new phenomenon where kids either won't leave home or come boomeranging back after a couple of months. Sadly, we don't suffer from this, (pause to wipe eyes on treasured handkerchief, made years ago as a gift for mum by child in kindergarten, [huge clumsy stitching round its edge, complete with grubby knots; large inkmark in one corner where stubby infant fingers made a bit of a bish; but a comforting keepsake, for all that - a last precious link with what is gone, sob, sob]).

The Australian reference (boomeranging, that is), makes a lot of sense. I only realised this today when I was walking the neighbour's dog up on my local mountain. Wandering along, lost in my own thoughts, (mainly about when and whether my children will return [okay, yes, I am just teasing you, I am fine really, you don't actually have to get on planes immediately]), I was startled by a sudden tug on the lead. My head jerked up and I saw that there was a fullgrown kangaroo ahead of us, doing its best to hop away. Strangely though, the creature wasn't managing - the usual astonishing springy grace most kangaroos achieve was absent from her attempts to bounce. Instead of rising, seemingly effortlessly, from the ground and bounding into the distance, she was tottering, off balance, listing heavily to one side, When I took a closer look, I realised why. She had the most enormous joey in her pouch - it was so big that not just its head was sticking out but its back legs and tail as well. It could barely fit into the space at all. 'Just till spring, mum, it's so comfortable with you,' it must have told her. I tried not to be jealous.


  1. I was thinking the same sort of thing last night as I sat in my garden watching a whole load of fully grown swifts mobbing their mum for food, even though they were perfectly old enough to be getting it themselves. Laziness is obviously not just a human condition

  2. Empty nest syndrome is a killer. I love it when my adult kids need to borrow money or borrow my car or have me drive them to the hospital.

    Then again I'm awfully glad I don't have to pick up after them or be home at a certain time to cook their meals.

    Both mine moved out when they were 18. The "joey in the pouch" is more me than either of them. I moved in with the eldest when my marriage broke up - he's the best flatmate I could wish for.

  3. Worm - I shall nobly resist the temptation to suggest those fully grown birds are pulling a swiftie, because I know it wouldn't be at all funny; in fact, it would just be embarrassing
    Nurse - I could do without the "borrowing" money part