Sunday, 8 August 2010

Word Watch

New phrases and buzzwords seem to leap in and out of fashion at an alarming rate so I've decided to pin down the ones I've noticed lately, before they vanish back into thin air:

man crush
girl crush
brain snap

Any other suggestions gratefully accepted


  1. nanna chic (it means op shop finds I think)

  2. M-H: Damn, I was hoping it meant that, after a lifetime of dishevelment, you finally achieved chic in your twilight years. I'd been looking forward to that.

  3. man crush has moved on. It's now a 'Bromance'

  4. You are so cutting edge, Worm. I suppose you know who Justin Bieber is as well

  5. From my observations round the Uni I think its true meaning is "really old clothes that your chic nanna wouldn't be seen dead in but young women can wear in layers of clashing colours over black tights".

  6. M-H - what I especially like about your comment is the acknowledgment within it that a 'chic nanna' can exist.