Thursday, 6 September 2012

Performance Anxiety

I know my cooperation may
in the end 'enhance my future customer-client interface' but I don't care. Being asked for feedback is getting tiresome. Occasionally, I might put up with it, but the requests have started coming so frequently it feels like I'm under attack.

Skype keeps pestering me with queries about how I rate the quality of my latest calls with them. Hotels email after overnight stays with anxious surveys about service, "toiletries", "ambience" and "accommodation facilities", (one even went to the lengths of sending a follow-up survey asking for an assessment of the qualities of the original survey - I mean, for pity's sake). Today a website from which I bought a belt wanted me to rate my purchase experience. I ask you. Enough already.

One thing I'm quite capable of - rather talented at, in fact, although boasting is so unattractive - is complaining and I'll do it without being asked, so you really don't need to worry. As for positive feedback, if you don't hear from me, assume that everything was A-okay.


  1. haha this is my sphere of work, the evils of the marketing department

    you've hit on the reason why we go after positive feedback, its because normally the only feedback you get is negative, which is useful for some things but not for others. As feedback is often subjective, a balance of positive and negative feedback helps to make the best improvements

    1. Thank you. Your feedback is important to me, Worm.