Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Gardener's Friend

Each year, as winter grinds through
its frosty paces, the garden becomes drabber and more forlorn. If it weren't for one generous plant, the scene would be unremittingly dismal. But luckily there is one trusty standby, a plant that seems oblivious to cold and grey, flowering when nothing else will and thereby earning my devotion. Let's hear it for the valiant hellebore:


  1. Agree, but the Winter Joy shrubs (Erysimum mutabile) and japonica are feeling a bit sad that their contributions haven't also been recognised.

  2. I'll grant you japonica, except it didn't come out in my picture, but Erysimum mutabile doesn't actually flower until early spring, which is a swiz and makes me regard it as lazy and not pulling its weight.

  3. hellebores are one of my favourite! there is something of the night about them, the way they suddenly appear in shady spots

    1. I shall think of them from now on as the Michael Howard of the garden