Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Freecycle - It's No Longer Coming on Christmas

Now that the great feast of the Christian calendar is well and truly over, someone has had a change of heart:

"I have the following CDs by Christian artists. Happy for them to go as one or two lots. All in very good condition.

Let me know when you can pick them up in your response please.

Christian City Church – Fresh As
Christian City Church – For Your Glory
Christian City Church – Presence 2005
Christian City Church – Great Is Our God
Christian City Church – Here We Go
Christian City Church – Worship

Hillsong – For This Cause 
Hillsong – By Your Side 

Michael O Martian – The Race

Seventy cassettes narrated from the New Living Bible Translation.

New International Version Couples' Devotional Bible – Perfect for engaged and newly married couples, comes in soft leather bound zip-up cover with the footprints on the sand story embossed into the leather on front cover. As new - and truly beautiful, would make a wonderful gift,  for a couple."

Meanwhile, another Freecycler has quite different things on their mind -  although precisely what they are is hard to imagine:

"Wanted: A bucket with a lid and Anne of Green Gables"


  1. The itinerant book dealer in Orwell's Burmese Days, though illiterate, had learned to recognize the Bible as a book Englishmen always wanted to give in trade and never wished to acquire. I do hope that these were acquired on the other side of the continent, so that the giver's heart will not be broken at the recipient's ingratitude and/or apostasy.

    In Washington, the memoirs of the powerful seem to be given as gifts, and then soon turn up on the used market. I believe I once saw three copies of Katherine Graham's memoirs set out at Carpe Librem.

    1. As you know, I already imagined a library of unwritten books (the ones by people who never had the time to write them) in a never-to-be written Borges short story. I now think there should also be a fiction about a society that does not use money but instead circulates unwanted memoirs of its former politicians as currency. I've never been able to believe anyone actually wants to read all the political memoirs that come out year after year - on the other hand, a member of the book club I briefly belonged to became obsessed by Volume 2 of LBJ's biography (there is now a volume 3 I believe, so I'm glad I'm not part of that book club any more).