Monday, 25 February 2013

Things I Discovered on the Internet February 17 to 24, 2013

To unoriginally paraphrase the words of this oddly lovable man, this week I have been mostly too busy to thoroughly surf the Internet, which has been annoying.

However, I did squeeze in a few short and refreshing mini-surfs, during which I found this, and this, (ignore the preceding advertisement), and this. Reading the last one, it struck me that there is a reluctance to pander for popularity about Clive James's attitude these days (perhaps it was there always and has only become very noticeable recently) that reminds me more and more of Les Murray. Two extraordinarily brilliant independent thinkers (who also happen to be Australian - or is being Australian the single important element that makes them contrarians?) in a largely thoughtless and conformist world.

Oh, and my daughter just sent me this pretty site, which she designed and which might appeal to UK domiciled people with children.


  1. Beautiful website - no wonder you're so proud - but is it possible to have a "perfect camping holiday" in Britain? I have memories of torrential rain and trying to take a tent down from the inside, to stay relatively dry.

    However, your daughter's designs almost tempted me back into the world of camping, which is quite an achievement!

    1. Perhaps perfect within the narrow confines of what is possible when camping (I loathe camping too - you have to long to be without a bathroom to really get any pleasure from the experience, I suspect, and, as I like a hot shower to start the day, camping and me are doomed)