Thursday, 2 May 2013

Embarassing Moments in Radio I

Whenever a husband is unfaithful, his wife must, naturally, be insulted. However, I think there are degrees of insult and, frankly, John Major's decision to have an affair with Edwina Currie ranks as possibly the biggest marital insult the world has ever known.

Apart from the fact that she is the human equivalent of chalk being dragged down a blackboard, Currie is also so 'in your face' - (to use a phrase that I don't like, but I suspect she's very 'keen' on ['keen' is very Currie, almost essence of]) - about the whole sordid imbroglio. Perhaps it was her finest hour. Certainly she grabs every tiny opportunity to remind us of it. With no thought for poor old Norma, she refuses to leave it alone.

Even on Radio 3, (I know, I thought they never allowed anything unsavoury on that station), she cannot let matters rest. On Nightwaves during a discussion about Thatcher's legacy last week, someone suggested that not many people now remember Major. There was no need to reply, but a simpering Edwina decided to shove herself forward anyway. "Oh I do", she purred into the microphone, topping the horror off with a flirtatious giggle which would make even the strongest among us blench:

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