Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Luxembourgeois Proletarian

I just spent a couple of days in Luxembourg and found myself wondering how hard it might be to escape bourgeois tendencies if you began life as a Luxembourg national. It is a lovely place and I apologise, to those who disapprove of this sort of platform hopping, for posting my pictures and comments about the trip on Instagram - - rather than here. Apart from the speed with which one can post photographs there, it is also much easier for my mother to access my pictures there, and that matters to me, as it gives her some pleasure to see them now that she feels a bit beyond travelling herself and I am far away.


  1. After following your blog I have what may seem like an odd question: were you ever at St Paul's Girls' School in West London for a short while in the late 1960s?

    1. I did. I think I remember you - could your surname have been Stammers or am I imagining things?