Thursday, 25 February 2010

Crush or Confusion?

Is Graeme Blundell on the point of starting a one-man Kevin McCloud fan club? On Tuesday in the Australian he was gushing about the TV programme called Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour, ‘a beguiling, idiosyncratic and entertaining travel show’ apparently, whose guide has an unparalleled ‘ability to make the camera seem like an agreeable travelling companion.’ All very well - Blundell’s entitled to his opinion (in fact that’s what he’s paid for). But, however infatuated he may be, does he really need to go at it again only two days later? Because that’s what he has done – delivering a column-long plug in today’s newspaper for his idol’s latest show, in which, pant, pant, McCloud ‘loves putting on the gumboots [at least it wasn’t wellies, I suppose] and lifting a spade in the wet’. Of course, given that in the first column McCloud’s name is spelt ‘McCleod’ and in today’s, correctly – if more oddly - McCloud, it's possible Blundell doesn’t know that the presenters of the two shows are actually the same bloke?

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