Thursday, 4 February 2010

Last night's telly

I watched Spicks and Specks last night and was struck by how good natured the whole thing was. The panel game format is really an English one but sadly most English comedy is less lighthearted these days. In fact there's often a kind of viciousness about things that are supposed to be funny in Britain - and usually an edge of class warfare too. The most cutting and commonly used attack is to call someone 'posh' over there. In the UK entertainment world poshness seems to be an embarrassing and indelible stain.
Mind you, I also saw a man called Christopher Monckton, who is touring Australia telling people climate change doesn't exist. He looks like some kind of jungle creature that David Attenborough has dragged blinking into the light - a potto perhaps? Anyway, his appearance is peculiar enough on its own - when you add the prefix 'Lord' to the package, he becomes impossible to take seriously. I have absolutely no idea whether he's a charlatan or not, but Dr, Professor or even Mr would be titles that would make me more likely to listen to him. As it is, whenever I see him, I switch off, my mind distracted by speculation about whether he is related to that other great member of the nobility, Screaming Lord Such.

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