Saturday, 20 February 2010

What the Hell Was That?

I just walked into a room where the television was on and the news was showing. On the screen was Tiger Woods, talking to a 'hand picked group of confidants' (or some similar guff). He was confessing. He had done wrong. He was sorry. He is a golf player. What is going on? What was this event? Why was it shown to us? Is everything in the world completely mad now? Is it all too late?


  1. In order:
    (1) global acceptance of the concept that celebrities have no right to a private life.
    (2) a man doing what he has been told is his best chance to save his career. He doesn't agree, but reads it out loud anyway.
    (3) see (1)
    (4) not all, not quite yet.
    (5) yes. Absolutely.

  2. Global acceptance of the concept that we care what celebrities do in their private lifs is what I find baffling. I’m still hoping ‘no, not quite yet,’ is the right answer to (5) but fear that you may be more realistic in your assessment of the state of play.