Sunday, 14 March 2010

Freecycle VI

The pathos:
and the drama (there's a whole novel in this one):
Hi there, I have had a harrowing three months or so since I first joined Freecycle. I have been hospitalised three times in three months, stranded for two days and then later a week in cities other than my own home city and am now in the process of a massive custody battle for my children.
As a result, I may have dealt with you in the past, offering to take things off your hands.
Unfortunately - every offer that I have accepted in the past three months has resulted in a no-show by me - and each and every one of those no-shows has been due to a genuine unavoidable delay and/or change in circumstance.
So I am here to apologise. If I have agreed to take an item from you - and names I cannot remember - and I was a no-show - I whole-heartedly apologise.
I know that among other things I have agreed to take –
a kitten,
a pair of thongs
a coffee table?
I have also offered to a lady in the northern suburbs a stroller (which is still on offer if you still want it?)
And to another man another stroller when I could not offer him the original stroller (again I have tracked down that stroller if you want it?)
I have also offered a rocking chair to a school teacher (and again, it is yours if you want it)
Now that my life has evened out somewhat, I am ready to move on and become a responsible, fully functioning member of the Freecycle community.
My deepest and most sincerest apologies for having stuffed you all around'


  1. I'm intrigued by the pair of thongs. Surely one is always enough?

  2. In Australia thongs are what I think you might call flip flops - but they are one of the elements that make me, as a mean untrusting person, think this message was actually some kind of very elaborate scam: a pair of thongs/flip flops only costs a couple of dollars new, so why would you bother with a pair from freecycle? There was something wonderfully random about that list too - kitten, flip flops, coffee table (and were any of them the catalyst for the divorce and custody battle in any way?) - and I liked the idea of the poor tired teacher waiting for his long lost rocking chair as well.