Saturday, 27 March 2010

Surely Not

Browsing Radio 4’s list of podcasts, I came across ‘A Week of You and Yours’. Is it possible that anyone actually wants to listen to this – an omnibus edition, featuring the ‘highlights’ of each day’s ‘You and Yours’? Maybe they give it to you on the National Health to combat insomnia. It would make me explode though before it ever got me nodding off. Just the sound of Winifred Robinson’s name is enough to make me feel grumpy. And Moneybox Live – well, don’t get me started - and then there’s Evan Davis and - oh, here we go.


  1. You and Yours! Them and Theirs more like. And have you ever seen a live moneybox? They're the deadest things about. Mind you, I have a soft spot for Tinsel Tits - it's probably my inner economist.

    We had a celebration of the best of Radio 4 a while back:

    (Check out Brit's link on his comment - rather brilliant satire, I think).

  2. Quiet Desperation is a work of genius, but worryingly likely to appear on radio 4 itself, if management reads blogs - specially liked the rubber bands and milk cartons plus Love Lifts Us up where We Belong. But you reminded me of the existence of Saturday Live, ugh, ugh, ugh.
    And Brit's Paul Merton prog and favourite balls and and and all of it. Such brilliance exists and yet they persist with earnest and dull progs at least 65 per cent of the time. Gardeners' Question Time has become so ridden with false bonhomie as well. Oh I must stop this line of thought it isn't doing me any good at all.

  3. I HATE RADIO 4. I hate the stupid Today program, I hate women's hour, I hate the plays, I hate The Archers, I hate the stupid PM show, I hate gardeners question time, I hate you and yours, I hate the fact that if you drift off listening to it later at night, you will invariably be woken up in fright at 3.45am because its switched over to the world service and they're showcasing a group of epileptic somalian steel drummers

  4. My biggest motivaton for attempting to avoid hell is the almost certain knowledge that Woman's Hour with Jenni Murray plays on a constant loop down there.