Thursday, 6 May 2010

Feel the Power*

There are some malcontents in this great nation who regard our capital city as a little dull (all right, utterly dreary, why hide the truth?) Other wiser figures understand that this view is essentially misguided. In fact, they contend, the riches contained within the ACT's boundaries often beggar belief. A case in point is the newly opened 'Quincessential', an exhibition of quince oil paintings on canvas. The originality, the eco-friendliness (I'm assuming the canvas is unbleached), the new horizons for artists this opens up - banana pulp, mango flesh, passion fruit pips, what kind of visual feast might not be created, now that the concept of fruit-based pictures has been pioneered? Sydneysiders can sneer and jeer all they like, but when it comes to real originality and innovation, can they put their money where their mouth is - or rather put their fruit not where their mouth is? I suspect they are too busy stuffing themselves with quince paste to come up with Canberra's astonishing creative outpourings.

* slogan on Canberra number plates


  1. I once spent a number of months in Oz and all I can remember about Canberra is the deep trauma of running over a wallaby somewhere in the suburbs (or it may have been the city centre - hard to tell).

  2. Sophie - the big question: was your car damaged?