Monday, 10 May 2010

Plea from a Pig

I suppose it’s a bit late, considering Australian Fashion Week has just ended – and a bit pointless, since I don’t imagine any designers actually read this blog. However,if by chance any of you should happen on this speck of inconsequence, might I ask you, next time you’re looking for a new angle or unusual gimmick, to consider giving bibs a try? They could be attached by press studs or ribbons or safety pins – by anything at all, I don’t mind. They don’t need to be co-ordinating – you can go for insane colours: that’s completely fine by me. Just make them fashionable, that’s all I’m asking – for the sake of my dry cleaning bill, (and the environment – think of the chemicals), please make it cool to wear a bib for meals.


  1. I think you should take a punk approach, do it yourself and begin this on the streets. You may need a Malcolm McClaren-type partner.

  2. Bibs, a great idea - and chaps could drool "designer saliva" as well :-)

  3. pelican bibs are definately the way forward. Proper rigid plastic ones with a big bucket in the front to hold all food/drool. They could be sold in a re-branded 'Biba'

  4. Gaw - I think you should try first, as you live somewhere where it is more possible to set a trend. No-one has ever got any fashion going from where I am, as far as I know.
    Gadjo - Ugh, what have I started?
    Worm - perfect - and you could scoop out the residue and eat it later, like a dog eating its sick. I suppose Biba might not think that added to its brand's appeal though