Friday, 14 May 2010

Learning English

Heavens to Murgatroyd, as Top Cat used to say (his intellectual best friends call him TC), I’ve just discovered what MILF stands for: I thought it was mother-in-law’s friend. It never crossed my mind there was a silent ‘t’ in it. And the saddest thing about knowledge is that, once you know, you know
Never mind - the loss of innocence has never before deterred me. My next goal is to pin down the meaning of ‘meme’. It’s a slippery little word that’s begun popping up everywhere. Wikipedia says it was coined by Richard Dawkins (who some regard as a slippery little man, so you could argue it all makes a sort of sense). Could he be responsible for MILF as well, I wonder. Someone must be. Why not him?


  1. good lord. The thought of Dawkins referring to ladies as MILFs is really quite jarring. It seems that Elberry is currently the standard-bearer for MILFs everywhere; his world seems to be populated by great numbers of them.

    I think that MILF has been replaced by the more genteel 'Cougar' these days

  2. A cougar? What's wrong with being an old bag - that's the role I'm perfecting.

  3. I note there is no such thing for the ladies as 'FILF', even though the saying of it gives some idea of the thought of it.

    Dawkins is his own meme.

  4. For Dawkins the exciting taboo would be CILF (Christian...).

    You've obviously never seen the cinematic milestone that is American Pie then, Z. The meme of 'MILF' has spread from that.

  5. Recusant - as in 'Pay attention to me - me'?
    Brit - V funny. Yes, American Pie passed me by.

  6. Unfortunately there's an even sadder genre than MILF.... the GILF as in grandmother.

    I'm so sorry zmkc, once you know there is no unknowing....

  7. I suppose GILF is at least sexually indiscriminate