Friday, 7 May 2010

Mystery in the Park

When I walked through the park yesterday evening, everything was normal. Now the place is in chaos. A full pack of Trivial Pursuit cards appeared during the hours of darkness - not neatly presented but scattered haphazardly through the grass. The little squares lie about in complete disorder, together with the remains of their shiny cardboard box. Something happened while we were sleeping - but what?

Did someone hurl the box from a passing car on a sudden impulse – ‘I’m getting this bloody game out of my life’? Or did they fall from the back of someone’s bicycle – and if so, was it on the way to an eagerly anticipated Trivial Pursuit evening, or peddling home after one, somewhat the worse for wear (perhaps the version where you have to drink a shot of vodka every time you get a question right [or wrong])?

Or did someone think that they would win a girl’s heart with their dazzling ability to come up with all the answers, only to transform in her eyes into a ‘total loser’ when they couldn’t identify Tom Jones’s birthplace or name the most commonly used pigments used by Renaissance painters?

Yes, I reckon that was the one – the game was chucked out in disgust by some poor lonely desperate, driving home – yet again – all by himself.


  1. Al fresco, midnight, drunken, nude Trivial Pursuit frenzy. I thought everyone did it?

  2. Like Gaw says, it must be a new trist on 'Triv'. Is the Asutralian version where you drink a tinny if you get a question right or get in the bath tub with the box jellyfish if you don't?

  3. as above - sounds like student high-jinks!

  4. You're all mad. Or perhaps I lead a sheltered life.